Advancing Healthier, Natural, & More Effective Veterinary Care

About Us

Our Company

EnBiologics is dedicated to improve & advance Health & Veterinary Care markets. Our company strives for innovation to create better-quality products to serve people and pets better. EnBiologics is a leading Natural Care product manufacturer with a uniquely effective product, HoneyCure. The first truly effective compounded natural care product, HoneyCure promises to offer pet and horse enthusiasts an excellent therapeutic product.  

Mission Statement

EnBiologics is devoted to promoting better Veterinary care. Our first target market is here in the United States, for the companion animals (Horses, Cats, & Dogs.) We have designed & introduced a Natural wound care product, HoneyCure, which is effective & safer for use. Our goal is to better serve the Vet market & promote healthier, more responsible Vet & Health Care.

Meet the Co-Founders


Ramy Habib

A young Entrepreneur who is disruptively innovative in the healthcare market. With a background in Biomedical Engineering, Ramy is able to promote better Health & Vet care. Coming from a robust background in medical devices & Natural healthcare, Ramy uses his experience to create innovation.

Black Labrador

Sean Carroll

 A young entrepreneur with a great drive and passion to invent and develop novel therapies in Health & Veterinary care. Sean holds knowledge in the fields of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. An avid researcher, he strives to bring his ideas and experience as real world applications.