• What Type of Honey is Used in HoneyCure™?

HoneyCure™ is composed mainly of the only Medicinal Grade Honey in the Market, which is Manuka Honey. Manuka is imported directly from New Zealand and Australia.

  • How Does HoneyCure™ Work?

HoneyCure™ combines several powerful medicinal properties. It is a strong Antimicrobial, Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Fungal. Together, HoneyCure™ promotes Wound Healing in less time, prevents infections, and reduces scarring.

  • What Other Ingredients are in HoneyCure™?

HoneyCure™ contains several Natural Components, primarily Manuka Honey and Essential Oils Such as Tee Tree Oil.

  • What Is The Average Healing Time Using HoneyCure™?

HoneyCure™ promotes and aids the wound to heal in 4 to 7 days.