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" My dog, Ellie, was run over in our driveway, I applied Honey Cure to her skin twice a day, it is 100% back to normal now.  I LOVE this product and thank you guys so much for creating it. I'm super happy with the results. If I need anything to work for any skin problems my animals may have, I'll go to HoneyCure first thing."

F.M (Michigan)

“I have been using HoneyCure® on both acute and chronic wounds for some time now, and find that wounds heal very well with this dressing. We will be starting a comparative clinical trial in the summer of 2018 fully evaluate its efficacy compared to standard-of-care dressings.”

Dr. Bryden J. Stanley, Section Chief of Surgery

Michigan State University 

" Used on a wound our dog had from scratching and biting at itchy dry skin. Healed very quickly. Wonderful product! "

Verified Amazon Customer Review

" I got HoneyCure because my horse Cochise had a couple of spots on his left and right hock that were not healing no matter what I did for them. Well, they are completely healed up after just ONE application. I just left it on there and let it get nasty dirty but it did the trick! Next, I could've never known how much the Honey Cure would be used by me after that!"

F.M (Michigan)

"I like HoneyCure very well, my dog wore his pads off. Like it was a bloody scene, so we put HoneyCure on, and in two days later, he is as good as new! I am very satisfied!" 

"This product is amazing and works wonders! My dog is a Standard Poodle and had a cyst on her side that just would not get better. I took her to the vet two times and even tried products from the larger pet stores that were supposed to help close the wound. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to help and I was getting very worried about my dog. Then I found HoneyCure! After just a few days I saw a noticeable difference as the wound from my dog's cyst began to close. Then a few weeks later, the issue had almost cleared up entirely! Best of all, my dog didn't even try to lick her wound thanks to HoneyCure and I could finally free her from the plastic cone she had been wearing for weeks. My poodle is doing very well now and we have HoneyCure to thank for it. I highly recommend this product to all my friends and family and would absolutely recommend you try it for your animals. You will not regret it! Thank you to EnBiologics for making such a fantastic product!"

Verified Amazon Customer Review

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