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    Better Wound Care

    HoneyCure is a revolutionary new wound care product from Enbiologics, engineered from certified medical-grade honey and compounded with natural ingredients. Made from FDA-approved Manuka honey, HoneyCure is a triple-action product: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and pest-repellent. Simply mix well, apply to the wounded area, and watch as your animal’s wound heals with less discomfort and fewer complications than ever before.

    Excellent Veterinary Care

    By treating with HoneyCure, your animal can experience state-of-the-art veterinary care. As opposed to traditional wound care treatment, where wounds are kept dry to promote scabbing and avoid the risk of infection, HoneyCure utilizes the process of wet wound healing by providing a moist, antibacterial, osmotic environment. This keeps the wound hydrated and quickens the healing process, reducing the time for the wound to heal by as much as half.

    Easy-To-Use, Easy-To-Access

    Easy to apply and remove, our customers and veterinarians find HoneyCure easier to use than competing wound treatments. Further, with no prescription required, our clinical-grade product is easy to acquire. As an everyday consumer, you can order HoneyCure through Amazon or through the HoneyCure Store. As a professional practice, you can find us on Vetcove.com or contact us at Enbiologics directly.

    Honeycure in Three Steps

    STEP 1: MIX

    If your HoneyCure is in a jar, stir!

    If your HoneyCure is in a tube, shake!


    Spread a thin layer of the freshly mixed HoneyCure on the wounded area. Make sure to cover the wound completely, including about a half inch of the healthy area around the wound.


    Keep the wound moist by reapplying HoneyCure every 1 to 3 days.


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