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    Better Wound Care

    HoneyCure is a revolutionary wound care product made from true, certified, medical grade honey and compounded with additional natural ingredients. A triple action product, it delivers the benefits of an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and pest repellent in one easy-to-apply package. Simply mix well, apply, and watch as your horse, dog, or cat's wound disappears with less discomfort and complications than ever before.

    Excellent Veterinary Care

    With HoneyCure, your horses, dogs, or cats are guaranteed state of the art veterinary care. With not just a simple but also a natural, easy to apply wound care treatment, available directly to you.

    Easy-To-Use, Easy-To-Access


    Our customers and veterinarians find our product easier to use than our competitors. It is easy to-apply, remove, and in general is a breeze to use. Our clinical grade product is also easy to get and does not require a prescription. As a consumer, you can order HoneyCure through Amazon or right here on our website. As a professional practice, you can work directly through us or find us on VetCove.com


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